Shemane Nugent


You may have recognized this fashion forward philanthropist as the wife of rocker Ted Nugent. Shemane Nugent has appeared on programs in top television networks like MTV, Vh1, CMT, Discovery, FOX, C-Span including five different reality shows. Not only is Shemane Nugent married to a rock star, she is an award-winning television producer and host, international fitness presenter, author and motivational speaker who can stand in her own Christian Louboutin heels very well. 

Life as Mrs. Nugent hasn’t always been blissful for this two-time Michigan state champion swimmer and former motocross racer. Shemane shared the details of what life on the road is really like in her book, “Married to a Rock Star”.  After she was diagnosed with pre-emphysema from toxic mold contamination in their MTV Cribs home, she turned to holistic healing remedies to cure herself and her family.  Shemane changed her story from being the victim to being empowered and recently wrote a book in three days titled “4 Minutes a Day; Rock ‘n Roll Your Way to HAPPY”.

Despite the negatives that could pull her down, Shemane maintains a positive attitude and is producing a film she wrote based on her son’s life, designing a clothing line and helping with numerous charitable organizations including two of her own. She has a Bachelors degree in Broadcasting and a Masters degree in Metaphysics.

Shemane and Ted own four homes including a 300-acre Texas ranch, two homes on 2,000 acres in Michigan, and a condo on the beach in Naples, Florida.  But the most important thing in Shemane’s life is simply being a mom to 23 year-old Rocco.